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IEO launch
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a process of tokens (electronic share of a project) issuance, which operate on blockchain technology basis. Tokens are sold through crowdselling being an effective tool to attract monetary investment to your project realization. We offer a full range of services including tokens issuance, PR campaigns implementation, crowdselling arrangement, ICO launch and further project maintenance.
ICO from zero
Why choose us?
Our team is an association of professionals in finance, IT, legal and PR fields.
Successful experience
We've already launched 3 successful ICOs and are currently working on dozens of projects
To help you save time and money we offer our clients an integrated approach leading your project to successful implementation
Our Services
Business plan review
We organize the project plan review by professional analysts, create financial scheme of tokens distribution, consult on technical realization of the project and its PR campaign. We're looking forward to seeing you in our office in the nearest future!

160 USD
Time 1 - 1,5 h
Tokens issuance
We compile a program code for investors' shares distribution and draw up crowdselling contracts on Etherium or other platforms.

Starting from 1000 USD
In the period of 2 weeks
ICO web-site
We create most compelling website for ICO launch based on the most prosperous Internet resources in this field in English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

Starting from 1500 USD
In the period from 2 weeks
EN | CN | SP | RU
We arrange a PR-campaign, create public awareness, involve agents of influence on the main platforms in different region and provide mass media support, SMM, SERM and targeted advertising.

Starting from $15 700
In the period of 2-3 weeks
EN | CN | SP | PT | AR | ID
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ICO hotline
We appoint English, Chinese, Russian and Spanish speaking managers to guarantee for prompt communication via all data channels: telegram, slack, ICO website chats, facebook, twitter.

$150 per day
(for Spanish + $50)

EN | CN | RU | SP
Promotion video
We make a promotion video about your project, which is required for ICO website and PR campaigns on video hosting.

Starting from

In the period of 2-3 weeks
How to start working with tokens?
Idea specification
We receive dozens of requests daily and we ask our clients to send us a drafted business plan before the negotiations.
Service selection
After you select the required services, we sign a contract and a non-disclosure agreement.
Start of work
We'll start to work on your project, as soon as your payment is received.
PR is the key element of an ICO campaign
90% of success come from proper PR strategy
years in Internet PR and investment
From $15700
The cost of PR-campaign
> 2400
Thematic resources for promotion
PR Services
We take control of TOP results of search engines. We develop and promote information materials on controlled resources in accordance with relevant requests

Starting from 1000 USD
In the period from 2-4 months
EN | CN | SP | RU
We create project communities in social networks, work with agents of influence and attract real investors from thematic groups.

Starting from 800 USD
In the period from 4 months
Срок от 4 недель
EN | CN | SP | RU
Mass Media
We make publications of original articles in thematic web resources

! International rate starts from 2000 USD
In the period from 4 months
EN | SP | PT | AR | ID
We provide ICO web site promotion in TOP of search engines on the requests including a project name.

Starting from 350 USD
In the period from 2-3 months
Video content
We create videos with ICO experts' and place them on their channels.

Starting from 400 USD
In the period from 3 weeks
Contextual advertisement
We set up contextual and targeted ads in search engines

Starting from 350 USD + advertising budget
In the period from 1 week
Bounty campaign
We organize bonus campaigns and pay in tokens to active Internet users for helping us with different tasks during the project promotion. We provide the campaign with hotline service purchased.

Starting from 350 USD
In the period of 2-3 weeks
EN | CN | SP | RU
We create forum thread on The thread management is provided with ICO hotline service purchased.

Starting from 350 USD
In the period of 1 week
EN | CN | SP | RU
E-mail маркетинг
We use the specialized investors database (around 47000 e-mails) to distribute your project information.

Starting from 350 USD
In the period of 1 week
How to organize a PR campaign?
The idea is dead until it's unknown
Before ICO launch all the thematic resources shall be quickly and qualitatively filled with compelling information for potential investors as a confirmation of the project success. Before a user starts to search for the ICO-related information on the Internet, we already have the search engines results with controlled resources with positive experts' opinions, articles, feedbacks and rates. We promote in 60 resources (20 for each language: Russian, English, Spanish). All the resources with enabled comments catch all the negative information, which can be moderated.
Simultaneously we create the project web site and promote it to the top results of search engines. After visiting the web site potential investors search for the project information in social networks, where we create controlled communities (+telegram, slack channels) and attract there real interested audience, where they can get the project details. We make a clear video presentation of the project for visual absorption and promote it on Youtube. There we also put videos with well-known experts in cryptocurrency about your ICO. To provide it, publishing in popular media and international ICO-related resources is required
ICO campaign organization takes around 3-4 months. The sales during the ICO are opened within 30-60 days. After ICO campaign closure tokens are distributed between crowdselling participants, and the obtained funds are converted for further project financing within 1-2 months.
In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us

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